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Who we are ...

BBK Design Group is an American retail company outfitting consumers around the world under the brand names The BBK Brand, Ba Ba Bling and KOZYED.  Founded in 2008 by Sarah Warner, BBK Design Group is committed to delivering innovative products primarily targeting kids and teens.  Our woman-owned and operated company is fueled by strong values, creativity and hard work.   

From our products to our practices, being a socially conscious company is as essential as fabric and thread.  One in four students report being bullied each year in the US.  Victims of bullying often repeat the negative messages they hear, sometimes without even realizing they are doing it.  Imprinted on every. single. item we produce, is a positive affirmation or statement that kids and young teens can repeat to themselves.  Studies have shown that seeing and repeating daily positive affirmations will eventually help define how you see yourself and the world around you. 

Our mission is to transform everyday essentials into stylish pieces that you can feel confident in. 

For all inquiries please email hello@bbkdesigngroup.com.